December 6

Putting people on your bank accounts or on your deed

Many times, while meeting with people about their estate plans, we are told that a son or daughter or friend has already been put onto a bank account. The reasons are innocent enough, and usually involve a fear that the son or daughter or friend will not be able to quickly access the money if something happens …

September 12

An older trust may complicate your life

It was not uncommon during the 90’s for married couples to have a type of trust called an “A-B Trust” or even an “A-B-C Trust”. Because the amount of money that a deceased person could pass on to heirs was relatively low in past years these trusts became very popular.

Using these trusts, when one …

September 1

Estate planning is for here and now

People who put off estate planning because they believe that they don’t have a large enough estate to worry about it may be missing an important point. ┬áThat is, that estate planning isn’t always just for the people who are left behind when someone passes away. More and more…