Child Custody and Visitation Experts in Chula Vista and South Bay

If you are searching for an expert Attorney in or around Chula Vista in the area of Child Custody and Visitation, then you should contact the law firm of Lopez & Wilmert, LLP.

Guaranteed Rights

The parenting of minor children is an important right that is guaranteed by law. However, although the law is supposed to treat all parties fairly and secure the rights of all parents, the reality is that the outcome can be drastically effected by having an experienced attorney who specializes in these types of issues. This is because this area of the law is complex and heavily regulated by case law and statutes.
During the process of a custody or paternity case, the court can make orders regarding child custody and visitation, even down to the detail of determining the pickup and dropoff locations and times for the children. It can also make orders regarding the specific days that the parents will visit with the children, and even create a holiday schedule for the visitation of the children as well.

Let our firm take some of the burden of advocating for these important details. If you are facing a custody or visitation issue, then call our Chula Vista office at 619-691-8008 and speak with one of our expert family law attorneys.

Financing and Payment Plans

Our firm is somewhat unique in that we understand that people are not often financially prepared for the time when a custody or visitation issue may arise.  To make sure that you do not suffer from a lack of skilled representation, we offer payment plans to ease the burden.