Practice Areas

Below is an alphabetical list of the areas of law that we deal with at Lopez & Wilmert, LLP.

When a person has been given the legal authority and responsibility for another adult under California law, this is called a Conservatorship. Conservatorships can be established for different reasons, and cover different scopes of authority, but the basic requirement is that a person is unable to handle his or her own personal or financial affairs. >> Read More

Estate Planning
Contrary to popular belief, estate planning is not just for the super-wealthy. It is true that part of estate planning covers what will happen to your money and your possessions when you die, but there is an equally important and overlooked area of estate planning that can benefit you while you are still alive… >> Read More

Family Law – Divorce, Paternity, Child and Spousal Support, and Domestic Violence
The decision to end a marriage is not easy, but once it is made things can begin to happen very quickly and get out of control. There are several automatic court orders that go into effect the moment a dissolution is filed, even before any hearings take place. Also, early on, the court may make additional temporary orders that can have an effect on how the case proceeds. During the proceedings, the issues of more permanent support, alimony, and custody are nearly always brought into question. Getting assistance early in the process is often critical in order to… >> Read More

Life can often present us with significant challenges and issues that aren’t so easily remedied. In some cases, events take place that may inhibit a parent’s ability to look after and care for their child. Other times, the parents may be physically unable or simply unwilling to further care for the minor. This is where guardianships become important… >> Read More

Landlord / Tenant
Disputes between landlords and tenants are often emotional because they deal with the most basic human need of having a safe and secure place to live. Understanding the points of view and legal positions of both landlords and tenants can often make opportunities for negotiated solutions apparent that otherwise would go unnoticed… >> Read More

Probate – Uncontested and Contested
After someone passes away, there are certain legal proceedings that generally always need to take place. If proper planning was taken by the decedent and their family before they passed, then the legal process can be greatly simplified. However, if there was no estate plan in place, then things become increasingly more costly and time consuming to… >> Read More

Trust Administration and Trust Contests
Administering a trust is normally a faster, less expensive, and more efficient process than going through a formal probate proceeding. However, there are still some mandatory steps that must be taken. It is also possible that what would have been a clean and simple administration can become complicated by illegal activities of the trustee, or beneficiaries who file contests. When this happens… >> Read More